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Counselling for Depression

Feeling depressed and don’t know what to do?

Do you feel like you’re trapped in a dark place?

Do you struggle with motivation or making decisions?

Do you feel like nothing will ever help your depression?

You’re not alone. Depression is a common mental health difficulty that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be caused by many different things, such as stress, anxiety or loss of a loved one. If you feel like you need help with your depression but aren’t sure where to turn, we can help!

We offer counselling services for adults and children on the North West Coast who are struggling with depression. Our professional counsellors are trained to work with all types of depression. We will work closely with you to understand your situation and develop an individualized plan that works best for you so you can get back on track again!

If you’re feeling down, it’s important to reach out for help. Don’t suffer in silence – there is always someone willing to listen and help you get through this tough time. 

Do something about it today! Call us at our offices in Burnie or Devonport or click here to complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment today! Don’t let this feeling take over your life anymore – get the support and guidance from our experienced counsellors now before it’s too late!


Counselling for depresion

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Relationship Mediation

When it comes to relationships, there are often times when things can become tense or conflicted. In the workplace, this can lead to a number of problems, such as decreased productivity or even potential legal issues. That’s where relationship mediation comes in.

Grief & Trauma Counselling

We are a counselling service that provides support to individuals, couples and families of North West Tasmania who need help navigating their own unique process in moving through grief.

Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Our counselling services will help you understand how to communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts, manage emotions, improve communication skills and develop a healthier sense of self-esteem.

Counselling for Stress & Anxiety

Counselling for stress and anxiety involves more than simply receiving advice before it can be effective. It is an interactive process that allows people to discover the root of their anxieties so they achieve a positive change in attitude toward life.

Counselling for Family Matters

We understand that family matters can be stressful, confusing and sometimes frightening. Our therapists are trained to help you better understand your feelings surrounding these issues with the aim of helping you successfully overcome them.

Counselling for Self-Confidence

We all have strengths and weaknesses, but sometimes we can get caught up in our own problems. Counselling for Self Confidence and Self Esteem is a service that helps people appreciate their own unique blend of strengths and frailties. It’s about learning to love yourself just the way you are!

Counselling for Anger Management

When anger becomes too intense or frequent it can be difficult to manage and control. It’s important to understand the root of your anger in order to deal with it effectively. Our counsellors will help you explore the feelings underneath your anger so that you can find peace again

Addiction Counselling

We provide counselling services for individuals recovering from all forms of addiction including eating disorders, drug and alcohol issues, gambling addictions, and other behavioural issues. If you are suffering from an addiction, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance